A Tribute to The Game Show

We mourn our friend, Evan Marcus

Evan died on January11, 2023.

The legendary radio personality Dick Summer (as part of his regular nightly show) hosted a once-a-week quiz show called “Mouth vs. Ear” for a good part of the 1970s on New York radio (WNBC-AM and WYNY-FM). I was part of the on air team of not-so-experts that helped Dick answer phone in questions from the listeners. It was terrific fun and when the show ended, I asked Dick if I could steal the idea and do it myself. With his blessing, that stolen idea became “The Game Show” and it aired on Long Island college stations WBAU and WCWP for a couple of years in the early 80s.

The Game Show is not that good. The only reason we’re posting audio clips from it is to honor my friend Andy Bleiberg, who died in October of 2011. Andy was an integral part of the show during its run on WBAU. Trust me on this: Andy was the only good part of the entire enterprise. A number of the promos he produced for the show are here and they are terrific. The show, not as much.

Anyway, click around and have a listen. It’s only college radio, it's so simple.

With Dick Summer,

August 1980

WBAU-FM Garden City, NY.

Click the link below to listen to the aircheck.

That's Dick's lovely bride, Barbara, below...

Thanks to Dick and the Mouth vs. Ear crew for joining me this night.

Audio courtesy of Evan Marcus.

Voiced and Produced by Roy Currlin

Voiced and Produced by Andy Bleiberg

Voiced and Produced (apparently on a wire recorder) by Andy Bleiberg

Against everyone's better judgement, The Game Show returned for a one-off special on Columbia University's WKCR-FM, in a time slot generously donated by Howard Leib, host of The Laugh Track. The broacast was preceded by this "quasi-funny tape bit," produced by Andy Bleiberg and starring Andy and host of The Game Show, Roy Currlin.

After some mind-numbing negotiations (okay, so we just asked), The Game Show was brought back from the grave for a new, albeit short 11-month life on Long Island University's WCWP, the radio station of its C.W. Post campus. The great Andy Bleiberg produced yet another brilliant intro for the first show, featuring the voice talents of (in order of appearance) Jim Cutler (né Mulvey), Andy, Mike "From Roslyn Heights" Pollock, Seth Gaven, Leon "the Janitor" Bishop, and Roy Currlin.

A Very Special Game Show:

The last typical Game Show:

Not a typical Game Show, but an incredible simulation:

John Schmidt! Jesus! Ha, ha ha! You look like a Russian!

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