Uncle Roy's Friday Beverage Club

Uncle Roy's Friday Beverage Club... R.I.P.

Gone, but also forgotten, The Beverage Club met for the last time on February 7, 2003.

Thanks to all who came out for all the good times over the course of two decades.

Photos from The Last Call are featured in the slideshows below.

Where are they now? The bars of the Beverage Club

T.J. Keane's Pub 1982 - 2004 - one of the favorite homes of Uncle Roy's Friday Beverage Club closed its doors on July 28th, 2004. Known as Michael's Place during its Beverage Club run from 1992 to 1994, it was located on 8 Ave 'twixt 47 and 48 Streets, oh so convenient to the recently relocated Ogilvy and Mather. It remained a stop on the Beverage Club itinerary right through the final years.

Part of the façade of Keane's collapsed in September, 2002, but the pub reopened none the worse for wear a couple of months later. Keane's was purchased by the folks who own another bar, Social, just down the block. They turned Keane's into a multi-level pub, Latitude, similar to Social.

O'Lunney's was housed at several locations in midtown, it was the final home base and location of the very last Beverage Club when it was on 46 Street 'twixt 6 Ave and Broadway. It moved a block south and closed in 2020 during the pandemic.

Jimmy Walker's on 55 Street near 2 Ave was the last surviving home base of the Beverage Club until it's transformation into Blackstone's in 2005. It's now called Draught 55

Long time home base Fiddler's Green on 48th Street went through a couple of design and name changes and is now one of two Pig n Whistles in the city.

Another stop along the way, the Turtle Bay Cafe on 44th near 3rd is now the multi-level Overlook Lounge. The historic cartoon wall mural on the first floor survives.