A Tribute to Andy Bleiberg

Andy died on October 28, 2011 from complications due to diabetes and heart disease. He was 57 years old.

(Photo credit: Denise Welborn, Theatre Adelphi '77)

If you were looking for something to do in Fun City, there was no better place to look than West 18th Street, where Mr. Irving Klaw's Movie Star News had been selling classic photos and prints of actors, musicians and idols for over 70 years.

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Some classic Andy Audio:

Liner notes by Andy's friend, Joe Raiola:

"This is Andy's last audio montage, which he put together as a gift to Patrick Carlin, George's older brother, in celebration of his 80th birthday. If you listen carefully you'll hear those beautiful audio touches that made Andy's work so great."

Liner notes by Andy's friend, Todd Steinberg:

"I'm a comedian & variety entertainer, and performed as "Todd Charles" (the Steinberg is silent) for the longest time, but been performing as "Billy Bob Steinberg" for the past couple of years.

Andy & I recorded countless tracks together, mostly material for my show, but here's a little gem we did for fun. It's called "Happy Every Holiday!", and we recorded it with a friend (& studio owner) Wade Tonken. We spent about 11 hours that day on it, and had such a good time, I have such fond memories of creating this, and Andy was a HUGE part of it. He REALLY enjoyed this one, one of the few times he wanted a copy to take home with him."

Here are some samples of Andy's radio production and voicework:

This Family Electric Theater cassette, as hand-labeled by Andy, was rescued from the wreckage of Hurricane Sandy, under water, sand, and grime for two weeks. It was restored by Mike Pollock.

WBAI Folio January 1978

This page from the WBAI Program Folio features a picture of Andy (as well as his FET colleagues) and a little blurb about one of the episodes. (Click to enlarge.)

Learn more about one of Andy's radio endeavors here.

And just for good measure, here's one of Andy's favorite artists and songs:

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