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The B.J. Arnold Photo Archive

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Red Lion 11/3/04

2009-12-08 Red Lion

On March 2nd, after Beej's set was cut short by The Red Lion, the faithful went across the street to hear an impromptu and classic gig by BJ and friends. Above are some photos from that evening.

B.J.'s last ever weekly show at The Red Lion on March 16, 2000

BJ at O.B.s - Manhattan Beach, CA

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Red Lion - 4/5/2001

B.J. at The Red Lion 11/08/2001

B.J. at The Red Lion 3/23/02

Red Lion - 4/20/02

Red Lion - 11/7/02

Red Lion - 2/6/03

Battle of the Bands B.B. Kings 2/17/05

Red Lion 1/8/04