Established for the relief of boredom and the perpetuation of independence.

The McSorley's Classic is Wednesday, November 22nd! Thirty-fifth anniversary edition.

It's the greatest drinking day of the year so join us at the greatest saloon in the world for fine ale, cheese and onions. A proud Uncle Roy tradition since 1982!

(A moment of silence will be observed at our table at 2 pm to honor our beloved President Kennedy)

McSorley's is on 7 St. 'twixt 2 and 3 Aves. We'll be there from 1130 am unitil 3 pm.


First Thursday is December 7 at Down the Hatch

Wings and popularly priced beverages await at our Village veteran located at 179 West 4 St. It's near the West 4th or Christopher St. stop. See you at 12:19.